First ‘Solar Tour Dryden’ Event Warm, Well-Lit in Midwinter

Five upcoming tours showcase renewable energy in Dryden, NY homes

On February 19, a slick, snowy night, a dozen folks came to Turkey Hill Rd in Dryden to learn about solar panels and geothermal heat. They sat around Bob and Betty’s kitchen table, warmed by the earth and lighted by sun energy, they munched popcorn, and talked about solar installations.

There was a wonderful exchange of information. The visitors brought great questions and “..even the dog had a good time,” said Betty.

Bob and Betty have tightened the house envelope some (by increasing insulation and weather stripping around doors), but it is still a circa 1850s farmhouse with the leaks and creaks of old age. First they installed solar panels to provide electricity for their lights and running the furnace. Then when the furnace needed replacing they decided to install a geothermal system. That required more solar panels. They sized the new array so they could charge an electric car, too. The whole nine yards.

Have you wanted to learn more about tightening up your house, adding a solar electric system or maybe geothermal heat? Did you know that there are rebates and credits to help pay for these improvements? Come take part in “Solar Tour Dryden”, sponsored by the Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition (DRAC). Each month for the next 5 months we will sponsor an open house in a home where the owners have tightened up to conserve energy, or added a solar or geothermal system, or built their house “green” from scratch.

Our next Solar Tour open house will be on March 16th, 10-noon, at 812 Irish Settlement Rd. Learn how Stuart and Zoe tightened up their historic house and cut their electric usage by 75%.

This is a great opportunity to sit around the table with a Dryden neighbor, learn about their system, and ask your questions. Learn what works and what doesn’t work. We hope that you will come away from these visits with more understanding of how the use of energy conservation measures and alternative sources of energy can benefit your family, your wallet, your home, and your community.


About Dryden Resources Awareness Coalition

A grassroots, all volunteer group of concerned citizens of the Town of Dryden focused on protecting our natural resources.
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